Keyser Model Kits

My grandfather, Ken Keyser, began making white metal cast kits from the back of
his father's tobacconist shop in London, 1957. Later on, my great-grandfather, Pop, came onto the scene, and N. & K.C. Keyser Ltd was born. Sadly both passed away long before I was born, but I was brought up with tales from my dad, both about the kits and their creators. I hope to continue the Keyser legacy with the first installment of Generation 4.

Keyser 3D Models

Now, Keyser 3D Models is creating detailed miniatures and toolkits for the 21st
century. We recognise that tastes have changed, but we strive to keep modern
design as traditional as possible. Young and old, every generation will love what we
have to offer!

3D Printing

We use a Prusa i3 Mk3S with a multi-material unit (MMU2) so we can create the highest of quality prints. The plastic we print with is sustainable PLA filament, recycled and biodegradable.